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About Casa Kiro

Casa Kiro was founded in 2010, in Viña del Mar, Chile. Our work is characterized by creating small and colorful worlds, inspired by popular culture, local landscapes and the stories we share as Latin Americans, transmitting love, beauty, complicity and surprise.

Our pieces seek to value typical Chilean elements, non-traditional in jewelry and that have been undervalued, ignored or forgotten over time. These materials, which range from traditional Mapuche cooking ingredients to typical crops from the Chilean countryside, are personally collected by us in local markets and surroundings, to be rediscovered as precious elements.

Each jewel is a careful composition of colors and elements preserved in resin and structured in silver, creating small worlds that are born from my memories and evocations of trips through Chile.

Behind Casa Kiro there is an admirable work team, which is now almost a small family. We are happy doing what we do and we believe that these values ​​and good energy can reach others through our pieces.

About me

Hello! I am Vania Ruiz, creator of Casa Kiro, a Chilean designer jewelry brand, which creates small portable worlds, inspired by different places and stories in Chile.  

Although I am an architect by profession, jewelry found me almost by accident, when tired of spending so many hours drawing plans, I decided to find a hobby that would allow me to get my hands in the dough.

It's just that I always had an inexplicable need to do things with my hands. I remember as a child taking a box of colored pencils everywhere and spending hours in silence “making monkeys”. I also remember the afternoons in the park collecting seeds and bark with my mother, which we later turned into mermaids and fantastic birds. In fact, at every stage of my life, I remember having been creating something.

Designing and making things reminds me of happy moments and perhaps that is why I find it so comforting. I flow, time flies. At times the blood moves faster. I feel happiness.

When I discovered jewelry, I rediscovered a part of me that was somewhat lost. The curious and voracious part, with bright eyes. Since then, this is what I decided to do in life.

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