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Sometimes I manage to multiply the time to make some of the Art Jewelry that does my soul so well.

With this piece I had the pleasure of participating in the Sepan Cuantos project, organized by the Jewelry Laboratory and Industrial Design Research Center of the UNAM in Mexico, led by Andrés Fonseca Eduardo Graue and Ofelia Murrieta.

Every Tuesday a jeweler is invited to create a work based on one of the nearly 500 book titles in the "Know How Many" series from Editorial Porrúa, Mexico. To date there are already 26 sessions. You can see them all here .

I chose the book Extraordinary Adventures by Edgar Allan Poe, something from his biography, something from the prologue that Cortázar once wrote after translating it into Spanish and something from the poem El Cuervo from my own interpretation.

El Cuervo, a man who cannot get over the loss of his dead love. Reflections on the gift of oblivion and the need to give power to objects to protect us and do for us what we do not know how to channel, such as amulets, talismans and ornaments from my grandmother's house.

Poe wrote that life in the open air, the love of a woman, detachment from all ambition, and the invention of a new form of beauty are the four elementary conditions of happiness.

His stories, on the other hand, take place in closed, gloomy places, devoid of beauty and without the love of that woman, who is absent or dead.

My piece was a Ring for Edgar Allan Poe.
Flower petals on fabric, Organza, tea bag, gifted tatting, silver, ink, thread. Sewn, embroidered, thermoformed, handwritten.

Each session consists of a presentation and then a long conversation where we give ourselves the time to be human and do human things, with generosity, affection and without pretensions.

It was a very emotional session. I cried more than Kenita Larraín on the screen.

here the complete presentation

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