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Photo by Rita Soto
From March 10 to 13, 2022, the MAPA art fair was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was invited by ZEITGEIST GALLERY to participate in the FABULAR, TERRIFY, MUTAR Art Jewelry exhibition.

Photo by Rita Soto

"A great mycelium made up of unique tongues that are connected by underground channels and emerge in a lush garden of delights. Works like latent spores that wait for favorable conditions to cling to the earth and germinate. Fables as escape strategies, to recover the nucleus of the vital drive, desire, imagination and affection, Mutar.
Photo by Rita Soto
Zeitgeist Gallery presents at Feria Mapa, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dialogue between the works of jewelry artists Mercedes Castro Corbat and Cecilia Capisano from Argentina, Rita Soto and Vania Ruiz from Chile, Ana Calbucci and Mayumi Okuyama from Brazil."
Photo by Rita Soto
I participated with pieces from my Domestic Fauna series.
The home space decoration it is for me, a feminine symbolic universe of belonging, protection and love . A humble bouquet of plastic flowers grants the power to appropriate a space, turning a place into a home.
My exploration with artificial flowers turned towards a maternal and fertile universe. Take one inert nature to create a new nature of creatures exuberant, colorful, monstrous and maternal.
Material: artificial fabric flowers, resin, ink, enamels, silver, steel, magnets
Photo by Isabella Drummont
This time I wanted to highlight the object quality of the pieces and for this I designed special pedestals, whose coronations I made in bronze, also making the support a jewel, and returning the flowers to inhabited spaces.
Photo by Andrea Varotto
The wonderful work and installation of the "Existential Parasites" Rita Soto, Chilean jeweler and friend
The intricate gardens of Ana Calbucci, from Brazil.
The delicate crusts of Mayumi Okuyama, from Brazil
The restless and varied work of Cecilia Capisano, Argentina. That necklace is made of leather, wonderful!
The outstanding gardens of Mercedes Castro Corbat, a well-known Argentine jeweler, who has some incredible necklaces made with X-rays.
Here all the super pretty ones. Ana Calbucci and I are missing, we did not travel to BS AS.
From left to right: Rita Soto, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Cecilia Capisano, Isabella Drummont, Mayumi Okuyama.
I was left wanting to go... but hey, there are stages for everything, the time will come to travel again as before.
The assembly was beautiful. Better than we imagined in our zoom meetings, where we shaped all the ideas to bring together the work of 6 artists who hardly knew each other. It was a pleasure and a tremendous team, together with Vito Márquez, owner of Zeitgeist Gallery, who invited us to participate.
These pieces are for sale through the Zeitgeist Gallery. In May I will have them back in Chile and they will be available for sale here.

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